Hold The Ham!

Dot was born on the floor of a barren factory farm cage. She was the runt of the litter,
unlikely to survive in the overcrowded conditions. However, Dot was one of the lucky ones –
a new family took her home and gave her a loving future.

Now Dot’s life is ALL kinds of fun. Dot’s litter mates weren’t so lucky.
They will be this year’s Christmas hams.

In a factory farm not being able to turn around is the norm for mother pigs;
and piglets are forced to live in cold, damp, overcrowded concrete pens.

Choose a Christmas Day that doesn’t have the traditional ham on the menu
and take a stand for pigs. It doesn’t have to stop with holding off on the ham.
Turkeys, chickens, fish and cows are also eaten as part of a Christmas meal.
Make this Christmas a real celebration of caring.

Join Kiwis around the country that are enjoying a cruelty-free Christmas – for everyone.

"YES! I pledge to eat with kindness this Christmas, and leave ham, and all animals, off my dinner menu."